50 Experiences 500 Kids Project

September 01, 2015

50 Experiences For 500 Kids  

As kids, we didn't know that there were limits to the world we live in.

We wanted to do everything, have everything, be everything.

We thought that we could fly, or be an astronaut, or go anywhere we like.

As we get older however, society starts to step in,
 and we realise that no, not everything is possible.

We realise that the adults in our lives face very difficult decisions everyday,
 to give us the very basic in order to survive.

Some of us, more than others.

It is our goal with the “50 Experiences For 500 Kids” project, 
to give a little possibilities back,
 to let the kids and their parents kick back a little,
 to go somewhere, and to do something 
that they otherwise will not choose when faced with survival issues, with your help.

It is a very simple thing, be it visiting a park, learning a new craft or skill, but we feel that it is time we insert a little positivity 
in some of these kids' lives instead of just looking at survival.

The 50 Experience for 500 Kids Video


Started in 2015, The Collective Effort plans 50 fun, memorable and educational experiences for 500 children yearly. Children aged between 7 - 12 years of age from the financially challenged families were selected by the neighbourhood schools and various institutions.

We believe every child should be given equal opportunities to grow and blossom into confident beings. This project aims to nurture and enrich disadvantaged children through special activities, programmes and workshops we have put together with various places of interests, sports companies and collaborations with local arts and craft professionals. Our goal is for each child to enjoy a day of unique experiences that they will remember for many years to come.

Proceeds from the sale of the products below will help to partially cover entry tickets to the attractions, activity materials cost, transport, meals and a bag of basic items that he/she can use for the new school term. It will also cover manpower, production and marketing cost of this project.

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