Lunch With A Cause

September 22, 2015

50 Experiences For 500 Kids  

14 Sept 2015 // Lunch With A Cause // Smiles, laughter and conversations were in the air as awesome friends from special events, fashion, F&B, and beauty industry came to enjoy an afternoon together at Skyve Wine Bistro... all for a good cause. Everyone was there to support our 1st fund-raising event for the "50 Experiences 500 Kids" project.

Guests arrived at the cocktail session to meet familiar faces and to connect with new faces. The smell of truffle fries filled the air and got everyone hungry for lunch. We shared our thoughts about "50 Experiences for 500 Kids" project, the guests shared about themselves, what they do and what they thought about the "50 Experiences for 500 Kids" project.

Since "The Little Red Riding Hood Lah " was the book we have chosen to sell as part of our fund raising effort, we invited Casey Chen, the author, to share his thoughts and to have him give a short recital of the story. The Singlish version of "The Little Red Riding Hood" was so funny that it made everyone burst into laughter.

We were so glad to hear words of encouragement and saw contributions coming in many ways.

Special thanks to:
Lesley from Fleur for the lovely cake pops for each guest!
Casey Chen for the recital of The Little Red Riding Hood Lah.
Skyve Wine Bistro for the awesome service and food.
All the guests for gracing our event despite your busy schedules.

Here are some photos taken during the event.

(Left) The Little Red Riding Hood Lah.
(Right) Boxes of The Commemorative SG50 Trolley Coins.
Proceeds from the sale of these merchandise help to partially fund "50 Experiences For 500 Kids" project.

Casey Chen, author of The Little Red Riding Hood Lah sharing the story with during lunch. Our childhood Little Red Riding Hood story retold in Singlish for a good laugh.

Proud owner of an autographed copy of The Little Red Riding Hood Lah.

Another autographed copy of The Little Red Riding Hood Lah for Ms Angeline.

Beautiful and very creative ladies from the wedding industry.

Surprise birthday celebration for Stella. Her favourite blueberry cheesecake, ordered by her lovely partner and baked by Fleur.

Photo credits: Stella Teo, Angeline Goh, Anne Goswami, The Collective Effort.