50 Experiences For 500 Kids

The Collective Effort started 50 Experiences For 500 Kids project ins 2015 and plans to continue this project yearly to benefit more children. This project aims to create 50 fun, memorable and educational experiences for 500 children aged between 7 - 12 years old from the financially challenged families. They are selected by the neighbourhood schools and various institutions.

We believe every child should be given equal opportunities to grow and blossom into confident beings. This project aims to nurture and enrich disadvantaged children through special activities, programmes and workshops we have put together with various places of interests, sports companies and collaborations with local arts and craft professionals. Our goal is for each child to enjoy a day of unique experiences that they will remember for the many years to come.

Play a part in making a child's dream come true by supporting this project. Every $200 goes into supporting one child’s happy day out. It will partially cover his/her entry to the attraction, activity materials cost, transport, meals and a bag of basic items that he/she can use for the new school term. It will also cover manpower, production and marketing cost of this project.

For sponsorship or collaborations, do contact us at hello@thecollectiveeffort.com.sg.

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