About Us

The Collective Effort is a social enterprise on a mission to create meaningful impact in our society by empowering and uplifting vulnerable or financially challenged women, children and families.

Power Of The Collective
The effort of one is limited, but a group of passionate, like-minded people contributing to a common cause and desiring to make a positive impact in this world can create big results.

Opportunities Not Hand-outs
We believe that social issues are not solved by giving hand-outs. Instead, the answer lies in offering disadvantaged individuals and families access to opportunities that will create self-sufficiency, nurture human potential, and inspire personal responsibility.

Strength In Synergistic Partnerships
We believe in effectively leveraging available resources (minimise wastage of time, effort and finances) to achieve maximum impact for the work we do. We do this through nurturing synergistic collaborations with partners in both the private and public sector that share our mission and purpose.

Potential Of The Individual
Everyone, regardless of race, religion or socio-economic background, deserves a chance to fulfill his or her potential. We are here to act as a bridge to opportunities that will nurture, inspire and empower people to reach their potential.

We focus on projects that create real impact. We seek to initiate projects to help vulnerable or financially challenged women, children and families that will create lasting positive changes.

Children are our hope for the future. They should all be given equal opportunities to grow and blossom into confident beings. We aim to fund existing or start new educational projects that will nurture and enrich disadvantaged children.

Women play an important role in the family. By uplifting women (be they single, married with kids or are single moms), we will be able to create a ripple effect in families and society at large. We empower women primarily through offering learning and working opportunities, as well as increasing their sense of self-worth, confidence and personal power.

Support Local Talents And Businesses
We are here not only to help the disadvantaged among our community. As a business, we are also here to support local businesses and professionals, offering them a platform to showcase their talents and offerings.

Act As Connectors
We serve as a bridge between those who need help and those who have the ability and means to help, so as to successfully and efficiently create positive changes in the community.