The Goldilocks Lah

Casey Chen

Singlish has been and still is one of the most entertaining “language” used and never fail to help visitors better understand our local culture. The Goldilocks Lah re-writing by Casey Chen, using Singlish to retell the Classic stories. The Singlish titles by the author have been very well received. More than 10,000 copies sold locally since the first book was published in 2013.

The Goldilocks Lah, although is based on a children’s fairy tale, is “not suitable for children” due to its use of graphic language and broken English. Author exaggerated its use to show how funny Singlish can be. You can read about Goldilocks’ experiences with the 3 wolves in the book.

The Goldilocks Lah deviates slightly from with the original story of the bears. Casey’s reason for using the wolves is a continuation from his first 2 titles. The Three Little Pigs Lah and The Red Riding Hood Lah have the same wolf “performing” and this time, you will find that the the wolf is not the bad guy and also a chance to meet his family!

Written in Singapore by Casey Chen. 

* WARNING: This book contains broken English. Parental Guidance suggested.

All proceeds from the sale of this book from our website goes to Share to Care initiative project fund.

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