Covid-19 has hit Singapore hard and it has cost us lives and livelihood. It's the worst pandemic that has hit the world in this millennium and it will be a long and arduous journey to recovery. Many have lost their jobs and thus it has affected their daily lives, as basic as putting food on the table.

Our Frontline Healthcare workers are fighting very hard to treat and save lives. They have worked tirelessly as they have dedicated themselves their jobs.

Our migrant workers who have helped built Singapore's skyscrapers and kept the city clean have unfortunately been affected by Covid-19 and are now being tested, treated and quarantined in the various recovery sites.

Seeing the plight of many that are affected by this virus, The Collective Effort, a social enterprise whose mission is to create meaningful impact in our society by empowering and uplifting vulnerable or financially challenged women, children and families, embarked on this "Share to Care" initiative with 3 projects namely:

Project Appreciate // Sponsor An Attire For Migrant Workers

Project Essential // Sponsor An Essential Box for Vulnerable Families

Project Gratitude // Sponsor A Gratitude Box for Frontline Healthcare Workers 

One of the best feelings in the world is in giving. Your act of kindness creates positive energy which passes on to all around you.

Join us in this cause to connect, appreciate and inspire others to feel the happiness with the seeds of kindness you have sowed. Simply click on each of the project link to see what it is all about.

Our online store EVERYTHING SG is a home for local designers to showcase their talents and offerings. A place for you to shop all things local. Proceeds from the sales will also fund Share To Care initiative.