50 Experiences for 500 Kids Ambassador's Note

A Note from Ms Stella Teo
Ambassador for 50 Experiences For 500 Kids

Stella Teo
Since being crowned Classic Mrs Singapore Universe 2015 and Mrs SG50, it has been an eye-opening and enriching experience for me. It had given me many opportunities to give of myself, volunteering for the many projects for the community, and it has made me realise how blessed I am in my life.

When I learnt of The Collective Effort's "50 Experiences for 500 Kids" project, I knew I could also contribute in my small little ways. And so when Elaine and Joanna approached me to be their project ambassador, I readily accepted it, to support them in this very meaning cause in bringing cheer to the children from the less fortunate families during the year-end school holidays.

All children should have many childhood memories and they should be unforgettable, impactful and sweet ones, so that as they mature into their adult years, they will always remember the people that have made a difference to their lives, and to continue this legacy of "passing-it-on".

As a mother, I understand how quickly children grow up and how important it is to mould them in the right path. Being disadvantaged doesn't mean one cannot have a chance to shine. Let's chip in to make a positive change in their lives. These children will grow up learning that there is love from the community, that there are people that make things happen and that they themselves can one day turn from being a beneficiary to a benefactor to others too.

Join me in my journey to make a difference in the lives of our young and impressionable youths, to let them know that the world is a beautiful place with lots of people who care enough to share and make things happen.

Support "50 Experiences for 500 Kids" by being a sponsor to benefit one kid for an outing for $200.

With collective effort from everyone, we can fulfill the wishes of our children and make a difference in their lives. Join in our CAUSE to CONNECT with our COMMUNITY.

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